If I was in a hot rod club…

Not too long ago, a very good friend of mine gave me a couple of books about the original hotrodding scene of the 40’s and 50’s. I was enthralled by the culture and the attitudes of the people back then.

One thing that I thought was particularly cool was the hot rod plaques. I don’t recall when they became widespread, but at some point, it was “the thing” where every credible club would have cast aluminium plaques on all their members cars bearing their club insignia.

Here’s a couple of particularly cool examples from this link:


I was so enthused by these plaques that I had a crack at one of my own. I petitioned my friends and came up with a list of snappy names… here’s what we came up with: The Press Fits, The Engine Ceasars, The Dropped Rockers, The Machinists, High Speed Steel, ‎’55 Rock Well, The Wet Sleeves, Pumpin’ Iron, Premature ignition, Embrittled Springs, Sagging suspension, Greasehulks, The flycutters, The Bent Push Rods, The Grease Sled Rollers, Grease and Denim, The Flat-Tops, Classic Vroom, Carby Boomers, Grease and Steel, Slick and Co. , Pist-on Gas, Pist-on Speed, Re-Greaser Factory, Muscles with Wings, Rockers and Rollers, Gone in 50 Seconds, Chrome’n Steel, 50 Octane, The Burnout Broccolis, The ChromoSapiens.

In the end, I made up a tentative design for a plaque, below… Now to find some modelling Plasticine to make a plug…

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2 Responses to If I was in a hot rod club…

  1. Stuart Buckingham says:

    Jrod, I was stumbling through your blog after seeing your posts on linkedin. Are you at TAFE on Thurs? This plaque could be NC’ed…

    • Hyllest says:

      Nah, I stopped going to TAFE when the deal went south… How much does it cost to go to the NC class on Thursdays? I would be interested in CNC-ing a negative of the plaque if the machine isn’t busy…

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