Tube bead roller

I haven’t been able to do any “proper” work on the last couple of weeks due to some geographical problems, so I’ve put my spare time to use by drawing up a tube bead roller that I can make if I manage to get back into TAFE classes again.

Here’s my drawings. Don’t bitch about the quality of the drawings, after all, I’m giving these to you for free 😉

Some notes:

-I’ve yet to make it, so if you want to print these drawings off and make on yourself, be warned.

-It works like a tube cutter. You roll the beader around the end of the tube and slowly wind the rollers together as you do it.

-It’s designed for standard circlips from Circlips Australia and Unbrako bolts. You might have to modify the design if you’re using different standard parts.

-I was lazy with my tolerancing because I plan to ream all the holes to H7 and then turn the shafts to fit. It’s one thing to read in engineering manuals that a H7/g6 fit is a close clearance fit, but another entirely to turn up a part to that tolerance and feel how the parts move together. This is something I hope to get a bit more experience in with small projects like this beader.


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