JRodSIM2 Update

I don’t have any huge breakthroughs to post, but here’s some proof that I _have_ been working on this.

This excel spreadsheet does the calc for one corner. Inverse kinematics is too complicated for me all at once, so as soon as I understand one side, it pushes the other side out of my head. I’m using this spreadsheet it to try to keep the equations alive in my brain. Also, I’ll use it to check the stages of caclulation in vba.

The notes I took when I was working it all out from the original paper.

Sneak preview of the code! I don’t seem to have the endurance for programming that I had a couple of years ago, so I only manage to do this in 1-hour chunks.

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One Response to JRodSIM2 Update

  1. czra says:

    getting old, evidently

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