240z photos

I saw my car in person for the first time since the top coat was done… I’m chuffed to say the least. It definitely needs to be cut lightly, but that’s to be expected.

I spent most of today finding bits of it to put back on it, as now the arduous task of reassembly can begin.

I also fixed up this coffee machine thingy. Apparently, it wasn’t frothing the milk well enough and needed the holes to be reduced in size slightly to increase the turbulence. So I went to K&K Steel, Hastings (My favourite welding and steel supply shop… great people there) and bought a food-grade silver solder rod. The food grade stuff is expensive, as it’s 52% silver (presumably they have to up the silver content in order to keep the melting point low without using cadmium).

Anyway, I soldered up the holes and then redrilled them smaller with my old man’s dentist drill. It came up pretty good, except that some solder got into the knurling at the end and I lost the pattern.

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