More garage stuff.

I can’t believe how long it’s taking to turn this garage into something usable. I spent most of today making a stand for my $80 flypress and my dodgy Supacheap Auto hydraulic press. I also spent a fair bit of time spraying fish oil into the seams of my 240z.

I cut myself fairly deeply on a burr on one of the bits of RHS. Protip: Fuck bandaids; if it’s bleeding slowly enough that they actually work, you can just suck it up and deal with it. In the event that you’re bleeding bad enough that you want to do something about it, they get soaked in blood and don’t freakin’ stick! In the end, I went back out to the garage and superglued the cut shut. Worked great. According to urban legend that I can’t be bothered verifying, superglue was actually designed for this purpose during the Vietnam war. Also, this proves that there’s nothing worth having or knowing about outside of a garage.

I also turned down some nolathane ARB bushings to act as bumper mounts. I had to use a mill bit to cut the stuff, because the usual tungsten carbide tools don’t have enough rake to cut something so soft… the nolathane just deflects out of the way. Another thing you need to do to get this stuff to cut is take a fairly deep cut, and feed it very slowly.

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