Surprise car maintenance: Not the best kind of car maintenance.

This morning, I noticed that my clutch has started slipping. This sucks, and I missed a training session in order to get my car home ASAFP, but honestly, it happened at a pretty good time, considering that yesterday, home was about 400km away.

So, armed with a new clutch kit from Trade brake and Clutch (, they’re friendly, helpful and well priced… quite rare these days), My old man and I got to work.

Changing a clutch in an MR2 is not that different to a longitudinally mounted engine, you just need to disconnect more crap first, most notably, the lower 2/3 of the exhaust, the shifter linkages, speedo cable, CVs, the coolant inlet (you don’t need to drain it, part of the cooling system is just mounted off the transaxle), the starter motor and so on. It’s in the full service manual, which you can get at

Once you’ve disconnected all the crap, and unbolted the transaxle from the engine, jack the engine _slightly_ by the sump and take off the front, left and rear engine mounts. Then reverse bench press the transaxle out of there. It’s not particularly heavy.

Interesting point: These cars don’t seem to have a spigot bush on the input shaft. Presumably, they don’t need one, since it’s so short.

I’m too tired to write more, lookit pictures.

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