AW11 MR2 Boot hinge

I dunno if this is a common problem or not, but the boot hinge on my MR2 has crept over time an no longer held the boot lid up. I was lifting my argon bottle into it this afternoon while trying to keep the boot lid open with my head and got so frustrated I just had to fix it. Here’s how I did it:

First, unbolt it from the boot lid and the inside of the boot. Once you’ve done this, the torsion spring can be slipped off the retainer linkage. Clamp the spring in a vice and heat it up with a blowtorch while holding the retainer linkage ready in your other hand… you’ll need to use it to bend the spring.

When it gets hot, (when you can juuuust see visible signs of red heat), slip the linkage into the centre of the torsion spring, and twist it such that the spring EXPANDS. Obviously, the amount of twist will vary depending on how fucked your spring is. Took about a quarter turn for me. Then you’ve got the thing bent up a bit, dump it in some quenching oil. I used some old ATF, which subsequently caught fire… so maybe don’t do that.

You might have trouble installing it now that it’s taught. I found the best way to get it back on was to first bolt on the end that goes on the boot. In the picture above, that’s the top two. Then rifle through your spare bolts and find a bolt the same as the one to mount it into the inside of the boot (m6x1?) only a fair bit longer. Put this bolt in the TOP mount hole (the non-elongated one, in the picture above, it’s the upper of the lower two pair of bolts), and engage enough threads to stop it from stripping, but leave it hanging out a fair way so that the bracket can swivel around (if it’s hard up against the mount, it can’t do this). Next, get the bottom bolt in and torque it up. Once that’s solid, swap the long bolt for the stock one.

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