Machined front rotors

I changed my brake pads this week and since I’d noticed some pulsating under braking, I decided to have a go at machining the front brake rotors, as well.

Most brake shops have a specific device for machining brakes that can be operated without taking the rotor off the wheel. Some mount off the brake caliper mounts and I saw a youtube clip of one that just sort of “floats” on a trolley and automatically adjusts itself to be true. I didn’t have the luxury of either, so measured the runout with the rotor on the hub (just for kicks… it was off by 0.15mm), then I measured the thickness all around (max difference of about 0.01mm) and then clocked it up on the lathe with a 4 jaw chuck.

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I’m pretty happy to say that after doing this, the brake pulse is gone.

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