240Z Progress

I’ve been doing more work on the Z…

I got the courtesy light, hatch latch, hood latch and hatch dovetails plated at Solar plating in Moorabbin, reassembled and installed them, pics in that there gallery thing below. The plating only cost $15, which I’m pretty happy with- they look like new now. I didn’t even have to clean them beforehand.

My centre console is (forgive the highly technical term) fucked, so I’ve had to hold the thing together with rivets, aluminium strips, “quick-steel” and filled the remaining gaps with body filler. I sanded the whole thing to scuff it nicely and will cover the thing with the same vinyl as the rest of the interior.

I went to Clark Rubber and got 4 metres of what they call “Bailey channel” which is that furry rubber based channel that your windows sit inside of in the weather strip.

It’s slow work, but it’s gradually coming together…

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