240z Grill

OK, first post in quite a while. I’ve been a bit busy. My life isn’t that interesting so here’s the short version: New job, new house, new car, um, etc. Anyway my grill was fucked.

Yes, the grill on my 240z was falling apart. The upright sections that hold the horizontal slats are an aluminium channel which tend to fatigue. Here’s a broke one:

018-1600 011-1600

The slats go in like this and a very long m3 bolt goes through the lot and clamps it all together.

019-1600 016-1600

I had access to a wire cutter at the time, so I took some measurements of the ally piece and wire cut one from a piece of SHS. Manly steel. Anyway, the wire cutting took ages, so I lost patience after the first one and then used it as a jig to cut three more. at the same depth and angle.

009-1600 004-1600

The tiny m3 bolts were pretty buggered, too, so I replaced them with m4 allthread.


The mounts were originally riveted on. I wasn’t that confident that I’d get it perfect the first time, so I brazed on some m4 nuts and screwed them together instead of riveting. I also had to gently caress them back into shape with a hammer, because the car had been in a couple of minor prangs. Then I treated the grill with rust killer and painted it.



IMG_8249-1600 IMG_8251-1600

That’s it for now.

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2 Responses to 240z Grill

  1. Phil S says:

    Good job on the grill.
    I need to do the same. I have to ask, did the bumper have to come off first for removal and re-installation?

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