Electrolysis bath



I’ve been spending most of my time trying to get my 240z together. Progress is slow and posting pictures of ovalised holes in a thousand various ill-fitting parts doesn’t make for good reading (at least I’m pretty sure it doesn’t).

So, this is, I guess, a guest post by proxy. Here’s some photos of my dad’s electrolytic rust removal bath.

The power source is my old DC TIG welder. I didn’t do any of the thinking or work on this project, so I don’t know too much specifics, but the old man says you need about 10-12 volts and 30 or so amps of current.


The bath is just water with an electrolyte mixed in. You hook up the positive to a sacrificial anode and the negative to your rusty piece of metal.P1012980-1600

Flicking the switch should result in tiny bubbles of hydrogen like this.    P1012985-1600

Before-and-after pics below.








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One Response to Electrolysis bath

  1. Allan (the old man) says:

    Not so much of the “old”. But I guess It happens.
    The electrolyte is soda ash, about 2kg/1000ltr. Available at Bunnings in the pool section.
    Do not use this method on high strength components as it causes hydrogen embrittlement in hard metals. Mild steel is unaffected.

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