Random stuff.

Some random photos of what I’ve been doing.

Made this dragon dude out of skyline transmission bits, a v4 air compressor and some Studebaker floor panels and brake lines.

P1014891-1600 P1014882-1600 P1014888-1600P1014897-1600

Turfed the old 2hp, 2 speed motor from my Deckel and put in a shiny new(er) 5hp with a VFD. It was an easy replacement, all I had to do was drill new holes in the motor mount plate and re-scotch key the pulley.

P1014906-1600P1014905-1600P1014908-1600P1014910-1600 P1014909-1600

This is my manifold. There are many others like it but this one is mine. It’s a skyline GTR manifold mounted to a triple webber carb manifold. I started this many years ago, before uni, before TAFE, before I could weld ally and so on. Because of the big changes in what I was capable of, I took a pretty convoluted path, but hey, it’s done now.

P1014875-1600  P1014874-1600 P1014876-1600 P1014877-1600 P1014912-1600  P1014879-1600

Finally got around to painting that grille. Also have a shiny new radiator and some thermo fans off a… um… I don’t remember what, actually.

P1014915-1600P1014917-1600P1014916-1600 P1014914-1600

This is a preview of what my next post will be about.P1015190-1600 P1015193-1600 

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