240z Aluminium Glovebox

For people not familiar with 240z gloveboxes, the stock units are made from cardboard.




No thanks. I reverse engineered mine and had it laser cut from 1mm aluminium. I was intending for the bend lines to be laser engraved, too but apparently they don’t do that for such thin gauge aluminium. So I marked them up and folded them up using my 80 dollar brake press, Results below.








I’m having some thoughts of making a few of these and selling them. I can get them laser cut _and_ CNC bent at a very reasonable price, assuming I can get a decent amount of volume.

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3 Responses to 240z Aluminium Glovebox

  1. Looks great! My glovebox was in tatters when I got the car, and I’ve been working on a replacement. I’ve come up with something that works, but it’s not RIGHT. Do you still have the measurements you made to have the pieces laser-cut? Did you maybe give them a CAD file to work from? I’d be endlessly grateful if you could forward me whatever information you have.


    • Hyllest says:

      Hi Scott,

      I’m away from my main computer right now but when I’m back (3 days) I’ll forward you some details.

      • I would really appreciate that. I’m going to remove my dash this weekend to install a Vintage Air AC unit, and it would be the perfect opportunity to install a new glovebox. Please send any data you can find to sparkygearhead@ gmail.com.


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