240z Wipers that work *AND* Park

There’s lots of information about getting a newer wiper motor to work on a 240z but next to nothing regarding how to make them park as they should, so here’s my take.

I had a bunch of wiper motors from r30 skylines kicking around, so I used one of them. Physically, they’re quite similar, though there are some minor differences:

-Mounting bolts are on a smaller PCD (Filed out the holes of the stock mount)
-Mounting bosses are about 15mm shorter (Turned up some spacers)
-Circuit breaker interferes with the sheet metal slightly (bent it out of the way)

Other than this, it’s a simple fit. Electronically, though, there’s a little bit more work involved. Below is a page of the r30 electrical section showing the wiring of the wipers:


The 240z manual’s wiper section was unintelligible to me, but here’s the combination switch wiring:


…Which as far as I can tell is actually incorrect. I checked out how my combo switch behaves with a multimeter and the LY is earthed in the “1” position, not the “2” position. And on my car, LW was low speed and L was high speed. According to the manual, it’s the other way around. Before you start messing around, you should check these things because there seems to be a lot of variation between model years and locations.

So anyway, I messed around for a while trying to get this to add up and couldn’t. In order for the park circuit to work with the r30 system, the park wire (BR) needs to be connected to the low speed wire (L according to the manual but on my car, LW) in the off position. The 240z’s stock wiring, however, earths the park wire in the LOW position. This is starting to get confusing, so lookit the picture below:


I couldn’t find a way to make the switch connect the “Low” and “Park” wires in the “off” position, but I could make it earth the park wire- which I can use to fire a relay. I did this by moving the LY wire to a different solder point on the combo switch as per the photo below:


With that done, I connected the system as per the wiring diagram below. It works perfectly. AND PARKS.


You can see the relay at the bottom left. Now in the “OFF” Position, the LY wire is earthed. This fires a relay which connects the “Low” wire to the BR wire on the wiper relay.

Anyway, that worked for me, hope it’s helpful to other people out there.

Got a correction or request for clarification? Leave a comment.

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