Peogeot 206 GTI seats in a 240z

The original seats for my 240z were well and truly beyond repair so I gave the skeletons away and bought a set of seats from a Peugeot 206 GTI. My entire selection criteria was basically “are they suede” which I later came to regret since they were a real pain to fit in. Nonetheless, I made it work. Here’s how.

A photo of the seats as I bought them. They’re sitting quite high as the height adjustment spaces them up quite a bit.



First I took off the back panel. I needed to cut a chunk out of one side in order to make room for the wheel arch. If I didn’t do this, I would not be able to recline the seat at all. I also removed the side curtain air bag and seat belt mount.



Here’s the base of the seat with the cushion and fabric removed. You can see how the height adjustment is done. It’s a parallel four bar linkage driven by a sector gear on the side with the handle. The sector gear is driven by a groovy little gearbox thing that rotates a little bit each time you push or pull the handle. It’s awesome but I threw it all away to get the seat as low as possible. I basically cut all this off and welded new mounts to put the rails hard up against the seat frame.







This is the air bag. I still have this and am trying to think of something to blow up with it.P1015269-1600

This bit was on the underside of the seat rail. I drilled them off.P1015300-1600






I milled the front hole into a slot. It only needed about 15mm of slotting to fit the Datsun floor mount. I then bent the adjustment bar to move the rails closer together. There was a bunch of other parts in there to slide the seats forward from the rear- so a back seat passenger could get out. This car is a 2 seater, though, so I got rid of it all.


Not pictured below: A day and a half of putting the seat in place, umming, ahh-ing welding in situ and cutting away the bits that interfered. Also, the inertia reels could no longer be located behind the seats- I moved them back to the rear strut tower. Like I said, these were not easy to fit at all. I wouldn’t do it again but I am pretty happy with how they turned out.





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One Response to Peogeot 206 GTI seats in a 240z

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m definitely bookmarking this one. I’ve been thinking recently about getting new seats in the 280zx. Might make sure I get ones that need less modifying though..

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